New Trial in the Works for FLDG-Fighting “Cocktail”

Exciting news: based on prior successful research, scientists in Sweden are planning a new trial combining components expected to have a positive effect on Type II Diabetes and NAFLD.

Researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) research center and Gothenburg University, Sweden, say they have isolated constituents that appear to help the body’s ability to burn fat. Results were published this February.

Mixing substances that showed the most potential in this arena, the researchers are planning a new trial to isolate the mechanism and measure results.

Dr. Adil Mardinoglu, lead author of the published study, said of the new research, “This mixture can potentially decrease the amount of the fat accumulated in the liver.”

The method, if successful, would be groundbreaking because “there is no such drug available at present,” Dr. Mardinoglu said, adding further clinical trials are slated for later in 2017.

A “Cocktail” of Fatty Liver-Busting Ingredients

Researchers have not yet revealed the exact ingredients that will be used, but described the prospective mixture as “a cocktail” that increases the oxidation of fat, as well as synthesis of the antioxidants.

Scientists hope the mixture will fight not only NAFLD but also Type II Diabetes, two conditions that are interrelated in a notable percentage of patients.

The prior, flagship study involved 86 patients.

Study co-author Dr. Ulf Smith, University of Gothenburg, noted, “Considering NAFLD and diabetes are common conditions that regularly co-exist and can act synergistically to drive adverse outcomes, such a mixture of substances might also be used in the treatment of subjects with diabetes.”

This means there could be hope for future patients experiencing a constellation of metabolic symptoms and the negative effects of each.

If successful, the treatment cocktail may have applications in other liver diseases as well, the study authors noted.






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