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Yes, You CAN Inherit Fatty Liver. Well, Sort Of

  Like other conditions making the news over the past decade or so, NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and its growth have been alternately attributed to negative lifestyle choices or to invisible scientific forces we don’t yet fully understand. Which is the truth? One group of researchers says they’ve isolated a constituent that could nudge […]

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Milk Thistle For Fatty Liver: Hope or Hype?

Can milk thistle help strengthen the liver? If so, can it address NAFLD specifically? Are there any studies to back all this up? Well, dear readers, you’re in luck – we’ve investigated these questions and have compiled them into an article to help you decide whether to make this herbal remedy part of your NAFLD-busting […]

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The Great BMI Debate

Is the Body Mass Index a helpful health calculator – or is it fatally flawed? Today we investigate an old standard that’s recently come under fire. * Throughout history, science has delivered all sorts of equations for determining whether or not our bodyfat is at healthy levels. At times this question has been answered by our total […]

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“I Can’t Have Fatty Liver Because…” 7 Myths Busted

Like other notorious conditions, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is frequently referred to as “silent.” That’s because as with pre-diabetes, hypertension, skin cancer/melanoma and osteoporosis, NAFLD may sneak up on you – or appear to. The truth is, though, nobody simply wakes up with NAFLD. As with many of the cases above, by the time […]

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This New Drug Could Reverse NAFLD, Researchers Say

In the ongoing fight against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), one preparation is being noticed by researchers. The drug has partially reversed a lab-created NAFLD condition in animals and might just be the ticket to helping humans out of a similar fate, experts say. If so, it could be part of the key to reduce […]

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Could it Be NASH? How to Tell, What to Do

NASH has been in the news lately, particularly prolific on searches regarding liver health. The acronym sounds ominous. But just what is NASH? Are you at risk? And if so, what should you do about it? In this article we’ll demystify a condition that’s more common than you might think…and potentially more treatable, if you […]

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Birthweight Could Predict Risk of Fatty Liver in Children

We may be predisposed to NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) from birth, a new study suggests. Data collected from more than 530 children showed that either very high or very low birthweight was associated with a later diagnosis (via biopsy) of NAFLD. The average age of diagnosis was 12. The researchers did not say whether […]

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Inside the World of Your Liver

The liver is a truly fascinating organ. It’s a workhorse that will tirelessly perform, given healthy conditions. Yet it’s complex, equally affected by and affecting your other bodily systems. Just how does the liver work? Here’s a peek inside this essential organ. Anatomy of Your Liver The adult liver weighs about three pounds and is located […]

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