How to Cure Fatty Liver Disease: Initial Prognosis

Initial Prognosis: What Now?

cure-fatty-liver-1So, you have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, and now you’re full of questions and wondering where to go from here.

Perhaps the very first thing you should do, before anything else, is to gain a clear understanding of exactly what this disease is.

In a nutshell, Fatty Liver Disease refers to a chronic, ongoing condition in which your liver simply has too much fat (lipids) in or between your liver cells. A build up of excess fat in your liver compromises its ability to do the jobs it was designed for in keeping you healthy.

You are considered to have this disease if the lipid content in your liver is more than 5% by weight. Complications can start to occur if it’s higher than 10%.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and the Nonalcoholic version are the same – as the names imply, one is caused by drinking too much alcohol, and the other is due to other reasons.

The liver has many very important tasks that are absolutely essential to good health and wellness. When it is unable to do these things efficiently, your health suffers.

Knowing what the disease is and its repercussions on your health and well being will be helpful in taking the first step toward reversing it.

Yes, it can be reversed.

The liver is the only organ in the human body that has the capabilities of regenerating and repairing itself. But, you should realize that it cannot do this by itself. It needs help to restore itself back to an optimal state of health. In short, it needs YOUR help.

How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

There are things you can do that will assist your liver in becoming healthy again after a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease. Here are some of the ways you can start to improve your prognosis:

  • Eat a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet. Your liver needs good food from the basic food pyramid, including dairy, vegetables, “good” fats, fruits and proteins. Limit cholesterol and fatty or sugar laden foods. Add more cold-water fish to your diet for omega 3 fatty acids, which help repair cell structure.
  • Avoid high glycemic carbohydrates and sugar. This includes anything “white” – white rice, white bread, sugar, and most breakfast cereals. Substitute with brown rice and whole-grain bread.
  • Avoid alcohol. If you have the alcoholic form of the disease, you MUST stop drinking altogether … forever. Sorry, but it’s either continue drinking or staying alive. For the non-alcoholic version, limit your intake to a glass of wine once a day, which actually helps your liver. (Beer and spirits had no effect.)
  • Lose Weight … Slowly. If you are obese or overweight, begin a healthy diet and exercise to shed those excess pounds. Remember, if you are carrying too much fat, chances are your liver is, too. However, don’t go into “starvation mode” – this will actually worsen your condition.
  • Exercise. Getting enough healthy exercise can help you and your liver become healthier. Besides being good for you in so many ways, exercise can also help you lose weight, which will help get rid of the extra fat in your liver.
  • Avoid certain medications, such as Tylenol and Aspirin. Talk to your doctor about any medications you are currently taking, as many prescription meds are hard on your liver.

Stages of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Basically, there are two types of this condition:

  1. Benign Fatty Liver Disease
  2. NASH, or Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

The first type has fatty infiltration of the liver without inflammation. The second type has inflammation that can progress to cirrhosis.

There are three stages of Fatty Liver Disease:

  1. Fatty Infiltration
  2. Inflammation
  3. Cirrhosis

In the first stage, your liver has too much fat but no inflammation.

The second stage develops when the excess fat in your liver leads to its inflammation.

The third and final stage is cirrhosis, which causes scarring and hardening of the liver and can progress to liver failure and death.

Regardless of which stage your Fatty Liver Disease may be in, it is still possible to improve or reverse it. The lifestyle and diet changes needed to deal with this health condition are the same for each stage. Even if you are in the third stage of the disease, you can make the changes that will improve the health of your liver, or at the very least halt progression of further damage.

Before embarking on any of the steps required to reverse the disease, you must work on your mindset and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to cure it.

Get in the Groove to Improve

Getting in the groove to reverse Fatty Liver Disease will be an enormous help to you, psychologically speaking, in making the necessary changes to your habits and lifestyle. You might say that where your mind goes, your body will follow.

Rest assured, there is a lot you can do – many simple changes – to reverse it. Diabetics will need to adjust their diets according to the recommended ADA requirements.

The Fatty Liver Diet Guide goes into this in much more detail. It is a fantastic resource to help you reverse Fatty Liver Disease, with diet plans, recipes and a lifestyle plan going forward.

  • Greg Dahlen says:

    I do wonder if my diet would help fatty liver disease. For about ten years now I’ve been living more than 90% on fluid milk products, cow milk and cow cream. Every day more than 90% of my diet is some kind of milk–skim, 1%, 2%, whole–plus I sometimes buy pints of half-and-half or fluid whipping cream and drink them straight. For me the diet helps with eye problems. If I eat solid, mixed food my eyes hurt and vision blurs. But if I follow this diet, they feel and work okay. I believe it’s because the nutrients from milk and cream are more gentle and soothing and less clogging and irritating to the cells than those from solid food. This is what makes me think it might help many fatty liver disease, although it hasn’t been proven.

    Disclaimer: this diet hasn’t been proven safe for human beings by any medical authority. But for me it has been safe, and I imagine my body works similarly to many.

    • Greg says:

      Thank you for being clear that this is just your experience and that the diet hasn’t been proven safe overall. I’m not saying it’s NOT safe; obviously the jury is still out on this one!

      On a side note, I’d be grilling my doctor for some reasoning behind why my eyes weren’t functioning well and were in pain when I had anything but milk products. I’d be concerned about an underlying issue. That is JUST my opinion. I’m not a doctor.

      I am glad you found something that works for you. Good luck and good health to you!

  • Addis says:

    My 51 years old sister has been diagnosed with enlarged liver. The doctor said her liver is 10 times bigger than it should be. She is not a drinker she normally eats healthy. I am now extremely worried about her, can you please help?

  • Parvathy says:

    I did an ultrasound and was diagnosed with fatty liver grade 2. Should I go for any other tests to diagnose further ?

    • Greg says:

      You should follow your doctor’s instructions. Do you have a follow-up appointment date? If you didn’t make one before you left, make one now and ask the doctor what lifestyle and medication changes she recommends.

  • fern says:

    Just had my blood work done. I have been diagnosed with fatty liver which seems to get better as I loose weight . This last test showed liver enzymes trending downward was the phrase the Dr wrote. Shows ASC 5.8 Do you know what is normal?

  • fern says:

    Just had my blood work done. I have been diagnosed with fatty liver which seems to get better as I loose weight . This last test showed liver enzymes trending downward was the phrase the Dr wrote. Shows ASC 5.8 Do you know what is normal?
    He suggests low ft low cholesterol diet. I have been on Atkins whcih is high fat so stopping that right away.

    want to know if a coffee enema be a good thing to do? to promote the cleansing of the liver


  • Madhu says:

    I am 26, Height is 5,5 and Weight is 65, recently diagnosed with Grade 1 Fatty Liver Infiltration. And I used to drink once or twice in a month. My doctor suggested few tablets and asked me to follow strict diet. What I want to know is How much time it will take to reverse Fatty Liver after following diet and Can Fatty Lever Comeback after reversing??

    • Greg says:

      There is no way to answer this definitively, Madhu, as everyone is different. One thing you do know is that you’re working on getting it down. What are the “tablets” you’re referring to? Has your doctor given you some sort of timeframe? This is a very individual thing. BUT you are on the right track.

      • Madhu says:

        Tablets prescribed by Doctor are:
        Udihep Forte,
        Flagyl 400,
        Famtac 40

        First two tablets should be taken for 3 months and rest for 20 days.

  • Madhu says:

    I am 26, Height is 5,5 and Weight is 65, recently diagnosed with Grade 1 Fatty Liver Infiltration. And I used to drink once or twice in a month. My doctor suggested few tablets and asked me to follow strict diet. What I want to know is How much it will take to reverse Fatty Liver and Can Fatty Lever Comeback after reversing??

  • Digvijay Singh Bisht says:

    I have a grade 1 fatty liver has been like 3 months i m having udliv tablet is it good or not ,if not then plz.tell me which medicine i should use…..

    • Greg says:

      Do you mean Udiliv? That is meant to decrease cholesterol, AFAIK. Do you also have high cholesterol? When are your follow-up tests?

      • Digvijay Singh Bisht says:

        Which test i have to do for it and just i have done ultrasound nothing else……ya its Udiliv……..and also having Organic India LKC

  • Chrissy says:

    Hey Greg I’m terrified I went to the ER a couple weeks back they said I have a mild fatty liver (measuring at 16.5cm) I take Tylenol with codeine for pain I need to stop obviously but it’s the only thing that helps.. I literally think I’m gonna die I have a doctors appointment on Monday because I am having pain.. I’m so scared I changed my diet completly

    • Greg says:

      If your pain continues this badly, Chrissy, please return to the ER. Don’t wait until Monday. With “mild” (stage 1?) NAFLD, pain is uncommon. Get checked out.

  • David says:

    thanks greg.but the most confusing thing is that am not fat.so reducing my weight would be quite difficult,though I carry weights at least 3 days in a week

  • David says:

    Hello GREG.am David and I took Ofloxacin(a quinolone antibiotics) 4 years ago and had some side effects from it.though all of the side effects are gone,I had this upper right pain under my chest.the pain has been on and off,but recently,the pain became much.do I have a fatty liver? and I notice my Urine colour is clearer before eating anything in the morning and the colour becomes darker after eating.please I need an urgent reply.thanks.

    • Greg says:

      Hello, David. Please see your doctor regarding this issue. Please let us know what your doctor says. Don’t worry yet, but do call right away to see when they may get you in.

  • Jen says:

    If the cirrhosis is still “new”/mild – caused by NASH – IF he does everything right, how long could he perceivably live? He’s under the impression that he won’t make it for very long, but no one will tell him anything enough to grasp hold of. I know that things CAN happen, but being that it’s so new, I keep wondering if he does everything right, will it definitely be too late?
    Currently, he has everything under control. He’s lost weight, his sugars are under control, etc. How much will this really help him?

  • Jose says:

    My AST ans ALT are moderate high. I am 26 years old. My ALT is 222 blood presure 131/89, a week ago 232 with blood pressure 179/98. I am scared. My doctors is doing alot of blood work. I was at 260 lbs four years ago and one doctor stated I might had Fatty Liver. I lost weight. I went down to 216 lbs and an ultrosound along blood test showed normal liver. Two years I got a office job. I did not see my new doctor until I felt chest pain and went to Urgent Care. I am 272 pounds and again another doctor is doing blood work. I do not remember my ALT levels back then. Maybe 70? Not sure. I have lost five pounds in a week. Stop drinking sodas and eating healtier. I am scared this fatty liver is now something worse. Could I bring my ALT levels down with exercise and loosing weight again? Is this reversible with ATL level of 222. Please advise.

    • Greg says:

      Please don’t be scared, Jose. You’re doing all the right things – trying to lose weight (congrats on the 5 lbs., by the way) and seeing your doctor. Do you know how many people just let issues like this go on and on without following up with proper medical care? You’re ahead of the game right there.

      I do believe your condition is reversible. Yes, fatty liver can get worse, as you say. But your doctor will be keeping tabs on the condition of your liver at this point (I’m assuming) and the weight loss, if it continues, definitely should help.

      Do as your doctor instructs, keep losing weight and please check back in with us to let us know how you’re doing.

  • Ezna says:

    Hi Greg , my name is Ezna.Five yrs ago I had my gallbladder taken out. I have diarrhea when I eat still have pain on the right side , swelling nausea. Came to find out I have fatty live, I can’t eat I weight 115lbs. I am 55 yrs old. An in good shape. Feel very like my side is very swollen. Any suggestions please on a good diet. I don’t eat any fatty or fried food. Thanks

    • Greg says:

      I’d be concerned about the nausea and swelling. Have you spoken to your doctor? Has she given you a post-op/maintenance diet per the gallbladder?

  • Pat Forrester says:

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice! I am feeling a lot better. Just had a diagnosis of NAFLD 3 days ago and have been worried, especially since I have a septated cyst on my liver and a 8mm kidney stone. Have been really worried that there’s no hope because I had my gall bladder out 25 years ago and know there is a link between gall bladder removal and NAFLD. It made me feel better that somebody mentioned that she had had her gall bladder out and now had fatty liver but you were very reassuring that her liver can still heal with help despite not having a gallbladder. Thank you!

  • Tracy says:

    How do I download free e book on a tablet?

    • Greg says:

      All you would need is a PDF (Acrobat) reader app. Once you sign up, you will receive a link to the ebook in your email, and open it with the app.

  • Mac says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver and severe gastric problem,can I take lemon and can you give the food diet chart and what are the exercises to be done.And any medicine should I take.

    • Greg says:

      Hello there. Everyone’s specific eating plan will be different, but there are some basic guidelines. Did you download our free ebook? If not and you would like a quick run-down, I can provide one, but you will need to tailor it to your own needs. Let me know. Greg

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  • Dennis Mahoney says:

    Where is the free ebook I can download?

  • Reshma says:

    I am 28 old.I have grade 2 fatty liver,diagnosed in Jan 2016. Doctors are saying bthat it might be an aftereffect of pregnancy. My SPGT and SGOT levels were 170 and 66 initially. And now it is 70 and 65. But it is fluctuating sometimes. I am taking Ursodeoxycholic Acid tablets (150 mg twice daily). I’m following diet and doing exercises.

    Could you please tell me whether this is a reversible condition. Do I have to take medicine for long for complete recovery.

    • Greg says:

      Hello Reshma,

      This is a reversible condition, so be relieved by that. It will take a few months, and you will have to watch your diet and make healthy lifestyle choices so it doesn’t reoccur. Take care!

  • Fred says:

    I had hep c with “end stage” liver disease. I have cleared hep c after 2 different long term doses of peg. interferon. about 60 months. I’ve had low liver enzymes ect. ever since. I’m obese, at 260, 5 foot 6 inches. I’ve always exercised but had a high animal fat laden diet. Since, I’ve started eating a nutrient dense, plant based diet (spinach, walnuts, avocados, fish, fruit, no sodium) that small proportioned meals 4 hours apart, I’ve lose 11 pounds, my bp has gone done from 145/95 to 120/85. Now, my liver is cramping. I’m making an appointment to the g.i. but I have to ask: could not eating fat, hurt my liver? is this a response to dieting. I don’t feel deprived. I just thought it odd. My g.i see me once every 6 months. I’m not jaundice and feel pretty good except for the weird cramp under my lower right rib.

    • Greg says:

      I haven’t heard about lowered fat physically causing liver pain, so that’s a question for your doctor. You’re doing all the right things and congrats on your weight loss – see your doctor ASAP to find out what’s going on here.

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  • joan denney says:

    After biopsy on 12-16-15 was told I have mild nafld. Trying to eat the foods recommended for this, but because I also have a metabolic disorder which makes Kidney stones and also have sponge or Medullary kidneys I am restricted to very high and moderate oxalate foods. I am adding liver and eggs more. Is olive oil better to use or is coconut oil better to cook with? Thank you for your advice. I need all the help I can get. Was told to lose 20 pounds.

    • Greg says:

      Hi there, Joan. Because you have an additional condition I must recommend that you follow your doctor’s advice exactly.

  • kristina romblon says:

    Hi Greg
    can you pls help me on what to do cause i have high uric acid ang thiny fatyy liver.. thank you

  • Robert Geiger says:

    Over the last 6 months I been having on and off pain on right side. Finally went to the doctor and did an ultrasound and blood work. Blood work came back normal. liver eneyzme came back normal, but the ultrasound said my liver was slightly enlarged. All other organs came back normal. I’m obese and was a heavy binge drinker. When this pain started I dramatically reduced my drinking and now I don’t drink. The doctor thinks I’m in the beginning stages of fatty liver. I have decided to live a healthy lifestyle, but want to make sure I’m doing everything right. Where is extra information on what to eat? If my case was further progress would the ultrasound detect it? My doctor is also testing me for hepatitis too, because I travel internationally.

    • Greg says:

      Hi, have you downloaded our free ebook? It has good starter information on diet. πŸ™‚ Good luck & good health to you. It’s great that you have caught this early.

  • hallys says:

    How long will it take to reverse fatty liver, cos I was dx with fatty liver,i have dieting and exercising for one hour daily, but I still feel pains on my right hand side.

    • Greg says:

      It is different for different people, BUT may I say that if you are having pain, a visit to your doctor is in order. NAFLD may or may not come with pain, but you never want to assume…your issue could be anything. Please see your doc and get back to us to let us know how you’re doing. πŸ™‚

  • Ms Mar says:

    Hello, I thought would share my experience with Hypothyroid and fatty liver disease. 10 years ago, my Liver enzymes were elevated. I did not drink and ate a very healthy diet. Avoiding junk food etc, and excercized daily. The doctor could not figure out why my enzymes were elevated. Fast forward to 10 years later. My TSH was 8.1 (very bad hypothyroid). My liver enzymes were even more elevated. Weight gain, puffiness etc. I started taking thyroid medication about 6 months ago. Recent bloodwork shows NORMAL liver enzymes.
    Moral of the story, if you have elevated Liver enzymes, and you eat healthy, exercise and don’t drink alcohol. Check your thyroid. It could be the cause!!!

  • mohamed niaz says:

    Sir i was affected by diabetics after that doctor said u have mild faty liver .which type of food and vegitables i want to eat .Thanku for ur kind reply

    • Greg says:

      Hi there – if you download the free ebook (see sidebar), you can read basic nutrition information for NAFLD. πŸ™‚

  • Ken says:

    I don’t know what to do. I’m 44. I had mild upper right quadrant pain/tenderness for last 5 years off and on. Doctor thought it was nothing. A few years went by, it got worse and ever-present. I started a healthier diet and quit drinking. I drank pretty heavy until about 5 months ago. I finally returned to a different family practice doctor (other had retired) and had ultrasound; they said liver is echogenic and they think I have fatty liver. My liver enzymes were normal. They said remain off alcohol and lose weight, and fatty liver would reverse. I lost 35 pounds in the last 4 or 5 months and haven’t touched alcohol. Upper right quadrant pain persists, tender upper right belly, below ribs, maybe even more noticeable now actually. I asked for GI referral and was sent to a local GI doctor in our small town. Had blood work again, and it showed bilirubin had increased to from 1.4 to 2.2 in last couple months, while other liver enzymes normal. I also might (maybe) have Gilbert’s syndrome, suggested a previous doctor in the past. Anyway, GI doctor said fatty liver doesn’t hurt and he wants to do an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) to check stomach and things like that. But, I read liver pain IS possible, while GI doc seems to think otherwise. So, I’m confused. And, If my liver is in bad shape, I don’t want to make it worse by getting anesthetic for and EGD. I don’t know if the pain will go away, or if my liver could deteriorate and eventually fail.

    • Greg says:

      Yes, some people actually experience liver pain, but overall NAFLD is a “silent” disease, at least in the beginning stages. I wish I could help you with your pain (and IMO it IS concerning and not something for a doctor to just brush off), but you really need to follow up on this. I wouldn’t worry yet that your liver will “eventually fail,” I mean you really don’t know – it could be something very simple that the doctors just haven’t discovered yet. Take things one step at a time and if you can, find a different set of doctors who will take your concerns seriously. Good luck!

    • Rod says:

      Having the same exact symptoms. I’m the same age and make. Slightly elevated liver enzymes, pretty constant pain for 2 months. Ultrasound showed nothing. Cat scan shows them the contrast that I have fatty liver. Hope losing weight and diet changes this up and makes the pain go away. Are you any better btw???

  • Carol says:

    I was recently DX with NASH. Can you tell me if anyone has any experience with Lipovite injections?

  • jack says:

    Hello, please I need your advice. I’m having fatty liver and heptatits b and last I went to do liver text the fatty on my liver is is about 50% more than the normal one please what can I do? Is it good for hepatitis b patients to eat eggs and drink wine?

    • Greg says:

      Hepatitis B is different from NAFLD as Hep B is caused by a virus (HPV). You need medical care for Hep B. What has your doctor suggested? Hep B can make it harder for your body to process alcohol, so most doctors will recommend you avoid it.

  • miche says:

    Hello there I’ve been experiencing a domino pain want to throw up then throw up went to the emergency room they did ultrasound catscan could not find anything but in my blood everything was great except my liver evaluations went to the specialist he made me stop all my supplements which I did feeling better. have to go back in 2 weeks with another progressive blood work for a specialist I am a vegetarian I do eat muenster cheese organic eggs vegetables Greens. can my liver recover from this?

    • Greg says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. The liver can recover from a remarkable amount of issues, so don’t give up hope. However, I’m not a doctor and I don’t know your specific situation. I would continue on the course you’re on, communicating with the specialist, who can tell you much more about your condition than anyone on the internet can. Hang in there and don’t give up, I believe you will find your solution.

  • Paul says:

    Dear sir , Im a 21 year old male , was diagnosed with a fatty liver about 6 months ago through an ultrascan. And I have been a bit careful with my diet since then . but after that , by belly area widened, fat started accumulating around my full torso, I started having man breasts and it gets worse day by day. I do not have an appetite to eat anything at all and I get really tired and am not able to do the work I used to do before. I thought it was because of the thyroid, but then u checked it was normal. Can you please help me out in this situation and tell me if what I’m going through is actually the effects of a fatty liver or something else. T
    Thank you

    • Greg says:

      What you mentioned about “having breasts” is concerning and may point to a hormonal condition. NAFLD can have various hormonal tie-ins (see the free ebook for further information) but if what you’re experiencing is gynecomastia, there is more likely something else at play here. Don’t panic, but do make an appointment with your doctor to find out exactly what’s going on. Good luck.

  • crystal says:

    Hi Greg
    I am 31, 155cm and 53kg. I am not a drinker and used to be very active until I had my 2 kids 2.5 years ago.
    My diet Is not bad but not amazing. I do like my sweets though.
    I was told by my gp 2 yrs ago that my liver enzymes showed high on blood test. I was told to go on a no fat diet for 1 month (including good fats) and get another blood test. Results showed a significant drop. They told me not to worry and eat normal avoiding fast foods.
    1 yr later I took another test -High again. Sent for ultrasound. Showed all normal. Now 6 mths later, as my levels are high again I need to have a biopsy.
    How quickly can the liver become inflamed? Does it always show in ultrasound? How quickly can scarring progress also?
    Sorry. .am currently freaking out πŸ™

    • Greg says:

      It’s usually a slow process, so don’t worry too much about it. Also, careful with a “no fat” diet – the main thing to avoid is junk foods (as your doctor advised) and greasy fried foods. However, you definitely need your fats, so eat your chicken, tuna, and especially eggs with egg yolks. Those are all good.

      • crystal says:

        Thank you for taking the time to reply πŸ™‚
        I currently have 2 eggs each morning for breakfast on 1 slice of Multigrain bread with avocado. .using minimal oil if any.
        I’ve been eating really well but still get the pain in the liver region sometimes even around to my back. .it doesn’t make sense to me.
        Have another specialist appointment this week so will see how it goes then. Have also been getting very yellow hands lately πŸ™ jaundice I believe.
        one thing after the next.
        Again..thank you for you reply

  • Michele says:

    Hello, I was just diagnosed with mild fatty liver. My doctor seems to think this is connected to celiac disease. He said not to worry and remain on gluten free diet. Do you think this will really help?

    • Greg says:

      Mild fatty liver isn’t too much of a concern. Millions of people have it, and yes, it definitely could be connected to celiac disease (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25617505 – new report I added in June 2015). There are also some studies showing that for those newly diagnosed with the disease, a gluten free diet does reverse fatty liver – so stay the course.

  • Karthik says:

    I ve been diagnosed of Fatty liver (Alcoholic) with only SGOT & SGPT elevated and all other liver functions normal,I am also Type II Diabetic and I am 180Cm / 160 lbs, Doctors say i am Diabetic because of affected liver functions, just wanted to know how can there be a connection Between fatty liver (Alcoholic ) and symptom of it (Diabetic)

    • Greg says:

      Yes, there is definitely a connection between the two. The liver plays a huge role in regulating sugar, so if you get fatty liver, you will likely also get diabetes.

  • Nickie says:

    Can you offer any advice for someone with cystic fibrosis and a fatty/ sclerotic liver?

    • Greg says:

      Hello Nickie. I wish I could help more (I’m not a doctor, just a former fatty liver disease patient), but I did some research and found this website – it sounds like there is medication to help bile flow. Work closely with your doctor for options.

  • Rajeshwar Reddy V says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks alot for sharing the information about fatty liver.

    I am age 27 male. I have fatty liver grade 2. 6 months back it was grade 1. My height is 180cm and weight 82kg. I dont smoke and drink beer once in 2 months. I eat meat chicken thrice a week. I put on 5 kg of weight almost in this 6 months. Just started walking for 30 minutes every day.

    Kindly suggest me necessary action plan.

    • Greg says:

      Walking is definitely a good start. Especially if you sit at a job all day, it’s great to go for a walk at lunch. Take a look at what you eat, because that’s the main culprit – avoid greasy, fatty food and food with lots of sugar, such as soft drinks, white breads and pasta. For some reason, your liver is storing fat rather than disposing of it. Check to make sure you don’t have another condition that is making it worse, such as hepatitis or diabetes.

      • Rajeshwar Reddy V says:

        Hi Greg,

        Thanks for your advice.

        I did my LFT and its perfect. Started walking every morning for 1 hour. I lost 2 kgs in these 10 days. Am also walking after dinner.

        Is LFT fine to check my Liver other causes or else i need to undergo any other tests.

  • Jude says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with fatty liver about one year ago when I started feeling upper right quadrant pain and one of my liver enzymes were elevated. I was advised to shed off some weight which I did and loss 35 lbs. I don’t drink and I try to eat healthy( whole grain oatmeals, lots of fruits and vegetables, just a little of carbs). Recently did blood work and both liver enzymes are elevated and I feel so much pain now. My hepatologist with over 25years experience seem not to know what to do. He just did an EGD on me and is planning on starting me on antibiotics for H.pylori which I believe is just so that he feels like he is doing something. Wherease he is just shooting in the dark or maybe confused. What do you advise because the pain is debilitating now.

    • Greg says:

      Yes, in this case, an EGD and liver biopsy should let your doctor diagnose what is wrong with your liver. Fatty liver disease can actually only be detected through a liver biopsy, and since that’s a very invasive procedure (they actually take a chunk of liver from your body), doctors normally just “guess” that you have fatty liver disease first … which is good, because the treatment (lose weight and exercise) is the best thing you can do for your body anyway. I would keep up the healthy living.

      I hope the EGD helps diagnose what is wrong, and I hope you get back to health!

    • Ken says:

      Jude, can you please let me know the outcome? I am have similar circumstances. I had mild upper right quadrant pain/tenderness for years off and on. Doctor thought it was nothing. A few years went by, it got worse and ever-present. I started a healthier diet and quit drinking. I finally returned to a different doctor (other had retired) and had ultrasound; they said liver is echogenic and they think I have fatty liver. My liver enzymes were normal. They said remain off alcohol and lose weight, and fatty liver would reverse. I lost 35 pounds in 4 1/2 months and haven’t touched alcohol. Upper quadrant pain persists. I asked for GI referral and was sent to a local GI doctor in our small town. He did blood work and it showed bilirubin increased to 2.2, other liver enzymes normal. I also might have Gilbert’s syndrome (often elevated bilirubin). Anyway, GI doctor said fatty liver doesn’t hurt and he wants to do an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) to check stomach and things like that. But, I read liver pain is possible. So, I’m confused. And, If my liver is in bad shape, I don’t want to make it worse by getting anesthetic for and EGD. I don’t know if the pain will go away, or if my liver could deteriorate and fail.

  • Jonathan farrsen says:

    I was dx with fatty liver about 14 months ago. At the time I was vegan for the previous 10 months. I have always eaten well (fruits, veggies, low fat) and exercised. I drank wine only at night (2-3 small glasses a few times a week). I had one episode of elevated liver enzymes, followed by a ultrasound which showed fatty liver.
    Local doctor seem to dismiss the fatty liver when I try to determine ways to help this. However, because I have always eaten extremely well, I am not sure what else to do. I quit drinking all together, but the fatty liver is still there (confirmed on ultrasound one year later). The local Hematologist does not think it is NASH. But, also states I just may have a fatty liver my whole life?
    If the liver is so forgiving and can heal, what can I do to heal it? because my diet is already what is recommended and I still go fatty liver.?

    • Greg says:

      Unfortunately, that could be the case, because there are hereditary factors involved that make people more susceptible to fatty liver. It wouldn’t be NASH, because that’s a worse form and you would definitely feel symptoms and pain. You are definitely doing all the right things by cutting out alcohol and eating well. The only other thing I can think of is to also watch your sugar, as that is a contributing factor as well (ie soda pop, white bread and other carbs). Also, try herbs and supplements such as milk thistle to do what you can to keep your liver healthy. I’d see a nutritionist (along with your doctor) to customize your diet to stay healthy.

      • Jonathan farrsen says:

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have been taking Milk Thistle for the last 14 months.
        In your experience/exposure to different people.

        Have you ever seen someone who had a “fatty liver” on ultrasound and it heal or resolve? On ultrasound and not just a normalization of labs? So, a completely normal ultrasound after a period of time?

        I just struggle because there isn’t much I can change or do differently so I worry that my liver wont heal because I got that way when I was living a “healthy” lifestyle. (except for some alcohol)..

        Thank you for your replies

  • Julie says:

    Are gluten free breads and cereal okay to eat or should all breads and cereals be avoided?

    • Greg says:

      Whole grain breads are the best, because they are more nutritious and pack in more fiber – plus, they make you more full, so you don’t eat as much. Make sure it says “whole grain”, not “whole wheat”, which is still close to white bread. Careful with gluten free, because they add a lot of sugar to keep the consistency of the bread!

  • sai krishna says:

    hi greg i just found on ultra sound that i have a slight fatty lever,am just 26 now.an my weight is 69,i do not any other diseases (no BP,no Suagar), do i need to go under medication ?can you let me know what all things should be done for normal condition.

    Thank you for your time πŸ™‚

  • Jo Ann Anderson says:

    I have fatty liver and just want to know a step by step diet I can use to reverse it. I am in stage 2
    of PBC of liver. Where can I get help without paying lots of money as I don’t have it.

    • Greg says:

      I have a step by step guide here on the site where you can start. PBC is a different condition, and there is medication to help slow the progress. Also, make sure your diet is low in sodium, take calcium and vitamin D, and drink lots of water.

  • Lori barnes says:

    I found out 2 weeks ago I have a liver disease I was very emotional when I was told because I had no clue I had a liver problem until I had blood work done then a ultrasound. She told me to eat a proper diet and exercise , not to stress over it, look at it as a wake up call. She told me to go back on my Metformin I’m a borderline diabetic, and I have high blood pressure which I take my meds. Everyday for that and it’s under control. I had recently in the last 6 months been on anti inflamatorys for my neck and knees where I have wearing in my bones but I quit taking them when the swelling went away I have been on hydrocondone for probably the last year or so for leg pain, I took plavix for probably 4 years before a doctor took me off of it this was for the pain I was having in both calk muscles the dr. Said I had p.a.d . I cannot help but to stress over this because there’s so many contradicting articles on what you can have and cannot. Some say no eggs, red meat, dairy, cheese, bread, for the first 2 weeks I have eaten mostly raw veg cooked veg. Salad to where I feel I ll be sick if I eat one more salad and I eat fruit. Can I have sliced squash sprayed with olive oil and seasoning n some sliced potatoes sliced n cooked in the oven sometimes ? What is a substitute for milk ? Can we have whole grain foods or no ? Please help !

    • Greg says:

      Yikes, sounds like information overload, Lori! The problem is that the medical community still doesn’t quite know what is truly good and what is bad. Doctors are now saying that butter is actually good for you!

      Anyway, from my own experience and helping others (note that I am not a doctor, just a former suffer of fatty liver), this is what I recommend for your diet – eggs are VERY GOOD (the yolks have choline, a vital ingredient for a healthy liver), limit red meat (lean skinless chicken and fish is better), limit dairy and cheese (low-fat cottage cheese is fine), and substitute white bread with whole grain bread. The reason to avoid white breads and pasta is that your body converts it to sugar too quickly, stressing out your liver too much. Whole grains are converted more slowly, so are much better for you.

  • mumtaz hussain says:

    God bless you. This is very good information for peoples like me who have this illness.
    good luck

  • Jeri Quicksall says:

    I need help, I need a diet and recipes for severe fatty liver disease I am desperate and really not sure what to eat and not to eat any advise and help is greatly appreciate ! Thanks

    • Greg says:

      The book I recommend is full of great recipes, Jeri. Follow my steps on this website, and avoid processed foods, colas, sodium, sugar, fast food and alcohol … basically anything in the modern American diet. Substitute with extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil for cooling, lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken and turkey, eggs and whole grains. My rule of thumb is to not go down any aisles in a supermarket (where all the processed food is located), but to stay on the sides.

      Also try supplements like milk thistle, and spices like turmeric and cumin in your dishes. Good luck!

  • Lisa says:

    Will this book available on amazon or at least for an inside book brief review? Thanks!

    • Greg says:

      Nope, it’s not available on Amazon. However, a lot of this website is my own experiences and what I learned through the book. There’s also a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

  • cy says:

    Any suggestions on Hep C cures other than prescription drugs ? I live in Kelowna, B.C.
    At the start of stage 4 Cirrhosis and not looking forward to 48 weeks of needle injections with the side effects and unknown long-term possibilities as my time is running out ! I have a difficult time trusting Pharma companies, but haven’t found any other options…asked Naturalpath’s etc. here, but they don’t seem to know or aren’t trained in this area.
    I do have read a fair amount on the subject as you might well imagine…perhaps there are some other web-sites to check out overseas ? ?
    Thanks !

    • Lynne Champion says:

      I have had hep c and in 2009 I had a liver transplant. Of course this doesn’t get rid of the disease so last year 2015 I was part of the new research from Gilead pharmaceuticals in the USA. I had this new treatment for 12 weeks and I’m very happy to say I’m now clear of hep c. Cured.
      I hope you have received treatment for hep c and your life has improved. Sending good wishes to you.

    • Jessi says:

      I had stage 3 hep c and changed diet and stopped taking over the counter and prescription medications. I drank aloe vera tea anytime I was I’ll and changed my diet according to a book I purchased on amazon (hepatitis c cookbook) and (healing hepatitis naturally) am now hep c free according to my blood work and a ultrasound of my liver shows it is only a little more dense than normal. I can live with that. There is a very good chiropractic naturopath Dr in Oklahoma that has extensive knowledge on this and educates patients on whole food supplements that support your bodies natural healing ability. It can happen naturally, I am living proof!

  • Belisa Abdurahman says:

    i am health profesional&studing MPH in nutrition.i was diagnosed to have fatty liver one years ago.but i was confused with what to do.even one of my family member pass away by the same problem recently.i hope i will reverse the condition with help of this guide.

  • AK Rai says:

    Suffering from Thyroid disease from year 1988,but it was detected in1999.There after I was taking eltroxin 3 tablets of 100mg per day.From 2009 onwards it is reduced to one and half tablets of 100mg.Apart from this I was suffering of gas.A gastroenterologist prescribed cap omez-20mg one OD 30 minuets before meals
    and one ITO PRIDE -150mg.Now still on some of the day my stomach remains full even without taking any thing and gas formation also occurs tremendous.

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