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Eat Your Eggs! Choline and the Link With Fatty Liver
“Stay away from eggs if you want to be healthy. They have all that fat and cholesterol!” If you're like[...]
The Fatty Liver Diet Guide – Does it Work? A Personal Review
If you are like me, your prognosis of fatty liver disease might have come out of the blue. Sure, I[...]
Liver Tracker: A Personal Coach For Better Health? My Review
As a former fatty liver sufferer, I'm always exploring new, better and more up-to-date options to help my readers, who check[...]
How Important are Carbs to Weight Loss?
"I could NEVER give up bread!" That's often the first thing one hears (or says!) when discussing a low-carb eating plan. But[...]
The Link Between NALFD and Low Kidney Function – and How a Low-Fat Diet Can Help
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been linked to various other conditions, including heart disease and Type II diabetes. Now[...]
Is Fruit Derailing Your Diet?
Everyone knows fruit is good for you. As children, our parents told us, "Candy isn't healthy. Have an apple instead."[...]
“Good” v. “Bad” Fat: Is One Type the Key to Fighting Obesity?
We talk about weight and weight loss quite a bit on this blog, and there's a reason. Although there IS[...]
“Skinny Fat” May Not Be a Myth
"Skinny fat" is a well-known term on weight loss and fitness blogs and articles. Usually, it means a person is[...]
How Important Are Microbes for an NAFLD-Busting Diet?
Probiotics. "Friendly" bacteria. Intestinal permeability. You've probably heard all these phrases and more related to "gut health." But did you know[...]
Citrus Could Be Key to NAFLD Improvement – Even Without Weight Loss
Universidad Estadual, Paulista scientists are making a potentially game-changing claim: they say rats fed an important component of citrus fruits[...]
Broccoli New Weapon in War Against Cancer, NAFLD
You already know broccoli is good for you, but did you know it may ward of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?[...]
Should You Try the DASH Diet?
The DASH diet is regularly advised by physicians to combat hypertension (high blood pressure). Now experts are saying the program could help[...]
Fructose and Fatty Liver
When I began my NAFLD-busting journey (as I affectionately - wait, is that aggressively? - like to call it), I[...]
How to Find Out Whether It’s a Food Sensitivity
Those interested in losing weight and healing their bodies often uncover issues they never knew they had when it comes[...]
Fasting May Help Fight NAFLD, Researchers Say
It's a repeating meme in the dieting world that "fasting will slow the metabolism." When we're looking to slim down,[...]
Should You Stay Away from Carbs?
We've addressed this issue before. But carbs remain a hot topic when it comes to weight loss and overall health.[...]
NAFLD? Don’t Avoid Protein
Unless your physician has told you otherwise (certain conditions require limiting or eliminating certain macro food groups), protein has many[...]
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