Jul 292016
What You Should Ask Your Doctor About NAFLD

If you have been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), you probably have questions. Unfortunately, NAFLD is not a very commonly talked-about physical issue; most people you meet won’t know what it is, much less what questions to ask. Where do you begin with this diagnosis that may be entirely new to you? If you’re […]

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Jul 202016
Children and Fatty Liver: Is Your Child at Risk?

We’ve all heard the reports of the rise in childhood obesity in a number of first-world nations, including the U.S. Now there’s another cause for concern when it comes to the kiddies: some 40% of obese children may have fatty liver disease, according to reports. And there’s a yet more ominous side to this coin: […]

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Aug 292013
What Are the Signs of Liver Damage?

Liver damage is widespread among people all over the world today and knowing its symptoms, along with early warning signs, can make a huge difference to your health and wellness. The liver is the largest organ inside your body, but it does not feel pain. Consequently, many people have developed fairly advanced liver damage without […]

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Aug 122013
Natural Herbs and Supplements for a Healthy Liver

Have you been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease and want to know how you can reverse it naturally, or simply want to do whatever you can with herbs and supplements to keep your liver in optimal health? If so, you have already taken the first step toward better health and wellness! Your liver plays a […]

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Jun 032013
How to Keep Loving Your Liver

Did you know that your hard working liver is one of the most important organs in your entire body and has a big job to do in trying to keep you healthy? It’s true! Your liver weighs approximately three pounds, is roughly about the size of a football and lies just below the rib cage […]

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Aug 212012
Types of Liver Function Tests

Has your doctor ordered liver function tests and you want to learn more about them – how they’re done and what they are supposed to detect? If so, read on and you can get some useful information about the various types of tests that are performed to check out your liver and what you can […]

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