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Scientists Say This Microbe Could Fight Fatty Liver

As science uncovers more about the gut and how it can impact health, a new study from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, is claiming a specific bacterium may be coming out the winner against NAFLD. The researchers say Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, a type of bacteria, improved NAFLD in laboratory mice when administered orally. The strain had previously been found […]

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Inside the World of Your Liver | Liver Functions

The liver is a truly fascinating organ. It’s a workhorse that will tirelessly perform, given healthy conditions. Yet it’s complex, equally affected by and affecting your other bodily systems. Just how does the liver work? Here’s a peek inside this essential organ. Anatomy of Your Liver The adult liver weighs about three pounds and is located […]

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New Trial in the Works for FLDG-Fighting “Cocktail”

Exciting news: based on prior successful research, scientists in Sweden are planning a new trial combining components expected to have a positive effect on Type II Diabetes and NAFLD. Researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) research center and Gothenburg University, Sweden, say they have isolated constituents that appear […]

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German Scientists: “One Cheat Meal CAN Hurt”

It’s something few of us will want to hear: Scientists at the German Diabetes Center, Dusseldorf and Helhmoltz Center, Munich are making the claim that just one over-fat meal really can harm us. According to a study published in February in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, research participants of a normal weight given a palm oil-laden […]

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Warning: Chemical in “Roundup” Linked to Liver Disease

A peer-reviewed study published in the journal “Nature” says glyphosate-based herbicides, such as the weed killer Roundup, was NAFLD-promoting in laboratory mice. Blood and urine were measured for the chemical and for negative health changes. The conclusion of the study researchers was that it appears glyphosate may either induce NAFLD or make an already-developing NAFLD condition […]

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Antioxidant in Kiwi Could Protect Liver, Study Says

Constituents found in soil, in fruits such as kiwi and, fascinatingly, in breast milk may have protective qualities against inflammation of the liver and the future development and progression of NAFLD, according to a new study. The paper, “Early PQQ Supplementation Has Persistent Long-Term Protective Effects on Developmental Programming of Hepatic Lipotoxicity and Inflammation in […]

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Predicting Mortality Risk in NAFLD Patients

**   Before we begin: No, that was not a “grabber” headline. In fact, it’s our stance that NAFLD can, for many, many people, be effectively treated, and good health restored for many NAFLD individuals; we’ve seen it happen. With that said, there is a slightly elevated mortality risk in people diagnosed with NAFLD. Among […]

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Should Your Child Be Screened for Fatty Liver Disease?

Children have an uncanny ability to bounce back from a variety of conditions and to buck the odds to achieve, over and over again, a state of good health that adults envy. Nevertheless, the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition has recommended an NAFLD screening for all children who fall into the […]

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Texas Researchers Call for Study Volunteers

Clinical Trials of Texas, San Antonio researchers have put out a call for individuals  to take place in an NAFLD study. Applicants will be chosen from among a group who have or suspect they may have metabolic syndrome or conditions involved in metabolic syndrome, according to Douglas Denham, medical director of the pending study. “We […]

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