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Fasting May Help Fight NAFLD, Researchers Say

It’s a repeating meme in the dieting world that “fasting will slow the metabolism.” When we’re looking to slim down, we tend to avoid undereating as much as overeating. But new research suggests going without food for short periods of time may actually be good for the metabolism – and could have a positive effect […]

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Broccoli New Weapon in War Against Cancer, NAFLD

You already know broccoli is good for you, but did you know it may ward of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? According to this March 2016 study, broccoli has the potential to counter NAFLD in addition to its well-known anti-cancer development properties. The study, which bears the ponderous name Dietary Broccoli Lessens Development of Fatty Liver […]

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How Important are Carbs to Weight Loss?

“I could NEVER give up bread!” That’s often the first thing one hears (or says!) when discussing a low-carb eating plan. But do you have to? Here’s the skinny on how carbs impact weight loss and how you can incorporate the foods you love into your eating plan without sabotaging your weight – or your health. What is […]

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How Important Are Microbes for an NAFLD-Busting Diet?

Probiotics. “Friendly” bacteria. Intestinal permeability. You’ve probably heard all these phrases and more related to “gut health.” But did you know that the microbes in your intestines may be having an effect on your weight – and on your NAFLD condition? Here’s the news on gut microbes and how they affect liver health – and the […]

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