Nov 302016
The Link Between NALFD and Low Kidney Function - and How a Low-Fat Diet Can Help

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been linked to various other conditions, including heart disease and Type II diabetes. Now scientists are saying NAFLD patients may be running a higher risk than the average population of inadequate kidney function. But a brand-new study, published Nov. 22, 2016, has determined that a low-fat diet may improve low […]

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Jul 272016
"Skinny Fat" May Not Be a Myth

“Skinny fat” is a well-known term on weight loss and fitness blogs and articles. Usually, it means a person is at what is deemed by BMI charts to be a healthy weight, yet health is not optimal. It may be that the healthy-weight individual can still “grab handfuls” (of belly), to quote one forum I […]

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Jul 132016
Is Light Drinking OK? Not for THESE NAFLD Patients

There’s a “non” in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. That means drinking should be fine. Right? Not so fast, say Japanese researchers at Kumamoto University. Alcohol consumption results in a specific aldehyde, they say, which can worsen an NAFLD condition, or create one where before, liver health was apparently up to snuff – IF you’re […]

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May 172016
Should You Stay Away from Carbs?

We’ve addressed this issue before. But carbs remain a hot topic when it comes to weight loss and overall health. A significant percentage (but not all) of NAFLD patients, or individuals who suspect they have a fatty liver condition, are overweight according to current BMI charts. Therefore, many, many people with NAFLD work daily on […]

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Feb 012016
How Important are Carbs to Weight Loss?

“I could NEVER give up bread!” That’s often the first thing one hears (or says!) when discussing a low-carb eating plan. But do you have to? Here’s the skinny on how carbs impact weight loss and how you can incorporate the foods you love into your eating plan without sabotaging your weight – or your health. What is […]

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