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sarah-gregThanks for visiting our site! We’re Sarah and Greg, a couple of middle-aged grandparents trying to stay healthy. Greg was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease after feeling constant fatigue, loss of appetite and sometimes a dull pain just below his ribs. He was lucky, because often there are often no symptoms.

After this health scare, we both got our lives back together by following a special diet, cutting out soft drinks (we both only drink soda water mixed with juice now – perfect spritzers!), and taking herbal supplements.

If you feel these (often) vague symptoms, ask your doctor to check your liver. I created this site to help others gain back their health and lead healthy lives once again. Don’t neglect your liver! I myself never knew all the functions it serves in the body (hint: it doesn’t just filter out toxins and alcohol!)


Sarah & Greg

  • hemanta kr sarma says:

    Is star fruit is benificial for fatty liver??is star fruit may cut down the fat in the liver??

    • Greg says:

      Any non-starchy fruit when eaten in a controlled fashion (make sure to watch your glucose rise if your doctor is having you monitor that – yes, it’s fructose, but it will read on your meter) should be fine. Starchier/higher carb fruits: monitor.

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