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If you or a loved one have fatty liver disease, you may be interested in some dietary recommendations for foods that help cleanse your liver.

One thing that is very important for you to know is that good nutrition is critically important. Of course, it’s important to eat nutritious foods all of the time for the sake of your health, but it is especially vital if you have liver problems.

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liver cleanse menuWhat Can a Liver Cleanse Diet Do For You?

Anyone with a fatty liver would be well served by adhering to a diet specially aimed at promoting good health, to help this vital organ do its job properly.

Here are some of the benefits you may get from following a liver cleanse diet:

  • Increased vitality
  • Alleviate disease symptoms
  • Improve liver function
  • Let the liver rest and heal
  • Weight loss
  • Improve skin problems

Like anything else, you get out of it basically what you put into it. If you are faithful about following the dietary regime for good liver health, you should see wonderful results.

Tips For a Successful Liver Cleanse

  • Keep liver-friendly snacks on hand, ready to eat. You might have carrot sticks, fresh apple slices or a similar snack. The main thing is to have your snacks at hand, so that you’ll be less likely to cheat on your diet by eating something you shouldn’t.
  • Drink plenty of water. Besides helping to flush the toxins from your liver, it also makes you feel full so that it is easier to diet.
  • Eat a diet high in fiber. This acts as a scrubber for your digestive system, which is healthy; as well as increases your feeling of fullness.

Menu Suggestions

There are those who swear by a juicing liver cleanse and others who vow that a low fat diet with plenty of olive oil will help heal your fatty liver. Ultimately, this decision will be up to you.

That being said, extreme diets such as all juice are extremely hard to maintain and stick to long enough to be effective. So, you may want to go with a less dramatic but more easily accomplished diet.

Here are some daily menu suggestions if you have fatty liver disease:

Breakfast – Stick with skim milk, whole grain toast with a bit of non-hydrogenated margarine, oats or oat cereal and fresh citrus juices. You can also have fresh fruit such as a banana or grapefruit. Plain yogurt with granola and berries is also a great choice. Have a cup of coffee … some latest research suggests this has a beneficial effect on the liver.

Lunch – You’ll want to go with whole grain breads and white meats (chicken or turkey) for sandwiches. Avoid cheese or heavily marbled meats such as corned beef. Vary it, so that if you had toast for breakfast, don’t have a sandwich for lunch. Home-made vegetable soup or a clear consommè is also good. You can have tossed salads, but use vinegar-based dressings – simple balsamic vinegar is best, as there is no added sugar. Dessert can be a nice piece of fresh fruit. Drink water with a twist of lemon juice.

Snacks - Salt-free nuts, carrot sticks, celery with natural peanut butter, fresh fruit, quality dark chocolate, graham crackers.

Dinner – Dinner can be a larger meal, but don’t go overboard. Stick with low fat meats or fish. If you bake chicken, don’t leave the skin on. Ditto for fish. Almost any veggies are fine, as long as they’re steamed, baked or roasted and not fried. A dinner roll is okay, but use whole wheat or whole grain. A potato as a side dish is fine a few days a week. Drink water or skim milk with your meal. Dessert might be a fresh piece of fruit, sugar free jello and fat free whipped topping.

Leave off the rich meat sauces or gravies. Don’t eat cakes and cookies made with refined flours and sugar. Eat more foods that are good for cleansing the liver.

You can vary your diet from day to day so you can be more comfortable sticking with it for weeks or months without eating the same foods over and over again. The idea is eating both in moderation and in smaller serving sizes to help you lose weight and not overtax your liver.

Remember these tips when on your liver diet:

  • choose foods low in fat
  • eat meals low in salt
  • eat more fruit and vegetables
  • avoid fast food
  • avoid processed foods, soft drinks, and snacks high in sugar or salt

For a wonderfully comprehensive guide to eating the right foods to help halt or reverse fatty liver disease, you should definitely check out this one written by an RN with years of experience treating patients who have this condition.

When you have lost the proper amount of weight, and combined with exercise, you should see your liver functioning properly again. Always consult with your doctor while on this diet, and keep up with your new active lifestyle and eating healthy!

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  20 Responses to “A Liver Cleansing Diet Menu: Eat for Good Health”

  1. I read something similar about fatty liver, that it’s a silent disease but that you always feel tired and lose your memory and have tired muscles. I’m also overweight.

    I’d tried other diets, but they’re always bland and I couldn’t keep on them. I like this one, because I can still eat some good food. I just have to try to swap white bread for multigrain. If I can stick to this, I’ll try the cleanse!

  2. Hi I have mild fatty liver just wondering is prawns ok to eat

    • Yes, because prawns (and shrimp, salmon, tuna and mackerel) have the “good” fats, called omega 3. However, prawns are also high in cholesterol, so eat in moderation … of course, avoid them deep friend, full of garlic butter or breaded ;-)

  3. there is an bad breath order since I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease how can I get rid of it

    • Once your liver is functioning normally, the bad breath should go away. One (possible) reason is the increase in bacteria, since the liver isn’t properly filtering your blood. You can get into the habit of chewing on spearmint or drinking it as a tea. Limiting your intake of fats, coffee, and sugars (unless it’s natural, like apples). I myself use a couple drops of oregano oil in a glass of water to kill bacteria in the throat, though it’s very strong. I do that when I feel a head cold coming on, but I heard it’s excellent for bad breath as well.

  4. This is not a comment but a question. I am having pain underneath my ribs on right hand side, on the upper portion of the abdomen, between the ribs as well as on the back on the right hand side of the body from past 3 months. The ultrasound scan also shows grade 1 fat deposition on the liver. Is it because of the fatty liver or something else.

    But I am neither obese nor I have habit of consuming alcohol. But I feel heaviness after having food. Please let me know if it is fatty liver or not.

    Please let me know your email id so that i can scan my report and send it to you.

    • I’m not a doctor, Prasad, just a blogger who got healthy again … that being said, did your doctor check for gallstones or gallbladder problems? Those sound like symptoms of that.

    • I also have similar pain that you described and have had it for years. I was just diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by my family physician. I haven’t yet seen a specialist but I would certainly ask your doctor about it if you still have questions.

  5. i was checked for gallstones but had same symptoms as prasad, and was diagnosed today as having a bright looking liver and told it was a symptom of it laying fats as she put it hope that helps

  6. THank you for the info it was very helpful and as of today I will start getting my liver back to functioning mode we all need to help ourselves because who else really knows what we feel I am an active person but with bad eating habits I will follow a diet for a short time so I need a whole lifestyle change :)

  7. Great site:)

    My husband had been diagnosed with fatty liver and I just wanted to thank you as I stumbled across your website searching for a natural way to heal before the next test ;)

    What about coconut oil? I had swtich to coconut oil because of its antibiotic and good fat qualities (plus more) in place of olive oil. It has now been my go to oil from head to toe and even cooking (and great high cooking point better than olive::) ).

    What is your take on this as I have been using this oil now more regularly for our household ;)
    (concerned about the fat content) ;)

    • My wife has convinced me to switch to coconut oil, due to it being easier to digest. There’s also studies that point out that because it’s easier to digest, the liver doesn’t have to work as hard to process it.

      Olive oil is great too, but do some research. I found out a few years ago that a high percentage of olive oil is either full of impurities or even fake. I don’t know if coconut oil has the same problems, but I would only trust the type sold in organic or health food stores, not supermarkets.

  8. One more question: My husband swears by his protein shakes that he “has to have” after working out to build muscle. I do not think he should be taking protein shakes now that we are focusing on healing or reversing his liver condition.
    Please reply ;)

    • The problem with protein powders is often the chemicals and even heavy metals in it, which could definitely harm your liver. I myself DO take protein shakes, but not for body building, just as part of a fruit smoothie in the morning. I suggest only adding natural whey protein with few other ingredients. Looking at my own container, it has whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, guar gum, organic evaporated cane juice and stevia. Here’s a good article I found on protein shakes –

  9. I have Crohns disease and High Bily rubin in my liver and have polips in my Galbladder after a recent Ultrasound exam . I have had a dull pain on the right side of my abdomen like a pulled musle but noticable always even while lying down . I love red wine and pints of Guinness with meals out . is this Fatty Liver Disease ??? and are the polyps connected ?

    • Small polyps in the gallbladder are usually due to cholesterol buildup … but since the gallbladder and the liver (and IBD) are all interconnected, there is definitely some cause and effect here. Sorry to say, but you should cut out all alcohol to avoid unnecessary stain on your liver, and eat a healthy diet. Good luck, and keep talking with your doctor to see treatment options.

  10. as i have fatty liver can i take whole wheat as food

  11. I had an ultra sound of my liver this morning. I have a fatty live, I am very intolerant to carbs,so do I just leave the carbs alone and eat fruits ,veg, and chicken and fish? what about cottage cheese? I eat walnuts,dates, and raisin instant oatmeal with flaxseed oil in it for breakfast is that good or not?

    • Yes, this is a very good meal plan. If you are gluten intolerant, be careful of substitutes (ie gluten-free breads and pasta), which may contain a lot of sugar.

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